What is it about?

kure is a free and secure messaging application platform, with big plans to cure existing processes by structuring information.

Step 1

Create an account on your platform of choice

Step 2

Invite everyone you want in your life and work

Step 3

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How is it being used now?

What sets kure apart is the ability to add visual workflows to facilitate communication between small and large teams. kure Workflows, are saved permanently for future audit and reporting, provide structure to messages, reduce typing, create consistency and transparency, and maintain data history.

Current workflows are used as demonstrator in the healthcare cardiac emergencies, and at the moment are being tested in Kare Partners’ India facilities .


Start a workflow

Easy access to your individual workflows and processes.

Sub-processes at your fingertips

Select sequentially or randomnly and have all of the data organized for the people you’re communicating with.

Real time updates

In this example, patient’s vital signs are being shared with all those involved.

Involve the patient/customer in decission making

Transparently discuss procedures and consequences with patients and their relatives.

Share the results

Send detailed reports, for example discharge summaries, to everyone who needs to see, is allowed to see or is required to see.

In the works

Voice and Video Calls

Summary View

Ambulance Service

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